My daily skincare routine

I guess just like any blogger a post about what I use as my daily and weekly skincare routine is a must.

I have been trying to get this ready for 3 days now! haha my Soraiya takes up a lot of my time.


  1. the use of cosmetics to care for the skin.
  2. “skincare products”

I never really gave a damn about my skin when I was in secondary school or even through college. It was merely wash face with water and plop on some face cream, Astral to be precise haha. It was only until my 2nd year at university and during my part time job (I worked for a skin and body car brand) that I learnt about the importance of a skincare routine for your face and it makes a difference. You then have people like my mum who have never really had a skin care routine and still don’t and yet their skin is fine haha but when she does adopt a routine, by mine and my sisters say so afterwards she does praise at the fact that her skin feels nice so waheyyyy.

my skin type


    Having dry skin basically is where your skin quickly loses its moisture which results in your skin becoming itchy, scaly and in some cases starting to crack.
    Causes for dry skin can vary, for some (like me) it is something I have had for as long as I can remember for others it is something which is climate related and can turn on and off.

With having dry skin you can imagine, I like products that are rich, thick, milk and oil based – a worst nightmare with someone who has oily skin


my daily routine

  1. a milk based cleanser
  2. a toner
  3. a face oil
  4. a face cream

Cleanser: Caudalie Gentle Cleaning Milk 200ML
price: £15

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In my life I have tried 4  milk/cream based cleansers. I have tried the L’Occitane Shea Butter milk cleanser, The Body Shop Vitamin E milk cleanser and Rituals Creamy Foamy cleanser which are very good. I like to try out different cleansers so I already have in my mind the next cleanser I am going to use when this one runs out.

For dry skin, milk based cleansers are the way forward. When you are cleansing your skin, you are stripping away all the dirt, leaving it exposed, with your pores wide open. so for us who have dry skin ensuring that our skin does not feel even drier during this process is a must.

why cleansing is important: Our face is the most exposed part of us there is. It is in daily contact with pollution, central heating, air conditioning, rain, sun, snow, fog, dust, kisses… you name it. Our face becomes dirty and its important we clean it. Simply washing with water does not do the trick as cleansers have special ingredients designed to really get into your skin to clean it.

this cleanser

The upsides:
– The milky texture feels amazing as you massage into your skin.
– A small amount is needed to massage into your face and then you simply rinse with warm water or wipe with a warm wet cloth.
– This is easy to use, simply press down on the nozzle and it comes out of the end for ease into your hand.
– The bottle is nicely shaped with a very simply, pretty design on the front and is easy to put away in your cupboard or draw. I store mine in a drawer in my bath room.

The only downside: it is difficult to pump out any remaining cleanser so you do need to unscrew the top to take off the excess.

the key ingredients: Almond oil, which is very soothing and great for your skin and Shea Butter extract. We all know my love for Shea Butter and its fantastic properties for dry skin!

Toner: Caudalie Moisturising Toner 200ML
price: £15

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FYI I bought this toner from John Lewis with the cleanser however John Lewis seem to be out of stock of this online

I have tried also a total of 4 toners and I am a believer that cleansers and toners should be of the same skincare brand and range so you will never see me using a different cleanser and toner. I have tried the L’Occitane Shea Butter Gentle toner, The Body Shop Vitamin E Toner and the Rituals Ultra Calming Facial toner. Just as with my cleanser, once my current toner runs out I am looking to try something new.

When picking toners for dry skin, I think buying the matching toner to the cleanser works. Skincare brands create a range specific for a skin type so for me, I feel buying the matching cleanser and toner is more beneficial for my skin.
One thing I learnt from my days working part time at the skincare/body care brand I worked for was that people always forget to Tone after they cleanse and let me tell you Toning is so very important.

why Toning is important: After we cleanse, as I have said our face is left exposed and our pores open, our skin acid levels need to be back to the correct pH level it needs to be so by adding a Toner to your face not only are you doing that but you are closing your pores and helping prep your skin further for the other products you will put on your face. Toners are water based.

this toner

the upsides:
– The nozzle helps pump the toner out for my cotton pad which goes direct onto my face.
– The scent of the Toner is not overpowering and smells really nice.
– The bottle size is the exact same as the matching cleanser so as mentioned easy to.
– The Toner really calms my face down as when I cleanse, my face gets read and can be a bit sore on areas I may have over cleansed (meaning a rubbed to much)

the only downside: sometimes, when pumping the water out it can go everywhere.

the key ingredient: Citric acid. This is a an anti oxidant, an organic fruit/plant acid. It is used in toners for its use in shrinking pores and helping with fine lines. It also is the acid great to neutralise your skin pH level.

I should not really say this but when it comes to toning, a simple toner is enough so no point splashing out on a fancy toner (like me) I think  rose water does the job but for me I felt using the matching toner to the cleaner compliments the process.

Face Oil: Rituals Pure Face Oil 30ML
price: £32.50

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For some putting oil on your face is a ‘WTF kinda thing’ but for me… it is heaven. When I say my skin is dry, believe me it is dry and so applying oil is like the icing on the cake.
I have tried a total of 3 face oils which include the L’Occitane Shea Butter Comforting Face oil and Miaflora Argon oil.
After toning, the next is hydrating so the next steps are entirely up to you based on your skin and what you like.

why add a face oil to your routine: For those of us who have dry skin, adding in an oil has great benefits to keeping the skin moisturised especially if our skin is prone to losing moisture really quickly. Hydration is key and what better why to hydrate is to slather on some oil right? Other people like to include a serums – might I add they are amazing, where I do not use an oil… I use a face serum. My preference is oil so if a face oil is out of stock or I have run out, I use the serum I have
Be warned, from my experience face oils are expensive. Out of the face oils I have used the cheapest is the Miaflora Argon oil which you can buy from Holland and Barrett for £15.

this face oil

the upsides:
Pretty looking bottle
The nozzles consist of a squeezy syringe type pump to allow you easy extraction of the oil directly onto your palm
The scent is gorgeous. Feel amazing when I rub into my face

at present no downside to talk about. With oil that is it I guess

the key ingredients: Almond, Jaboba and Rosehip oils. These oils have great hydrating and nourishing properties that are great for your skin!

Face cream: L’Occitane en Provence Shea Butter Ultra Rich Comforting Face Cream
price: £31

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If anyone had ever told me that they do not know what a face cream is I will be lost for words. Anyone who is anyone puts face cream on their face and I am not exception.
Your face cream is important so getting it right makes a massive difference.
Your skin type chooses your face cream and this is the final product on your skincare routine train ride. Last stop: Put on the face cream love.

I have tried so many face creams over the years. Astral, Nivea face creams, Superdrug Vitamin E face cream, The Body Shop Vitamin E face cream, Caudalie Vino Source Hydrating cream and Rituals hydrating gel cream. And maybe others from my even younger days… I just cannot remember haha.

why are Face Creams important: Erm hello! Is it not obvious? just kidding. My mum never wore face cream when she was younger, heck even now she forgets to wear it. Your last skincare step is the finishing touch. Your face cream is now your barrier of protection from all that your skin is exposed to but also designed to comfort your skin so your skin is absorbing in the good stuff.

this face cream

I have tried others, trust me but always came back to others and for me when it comes to face cream, it should remain the same and should not be changed.

the upsides:
– The creamy texture is to die for. It melts into your skin as you massage into your face
– Not a lot is needed – trust me and for my dry skin it does wonders. Because of its rich texture it lasts you a long time! – My current pot I bought around September and it is still going!
– The pot is very pretty and simple with a white colour scheme.
– The scent is very natural. Not overpowering in the slightest. With no scent it is great to rub on your face

at present no downside to talk about as I find I always go back to this cream.

the key ingredient: Shea butter – DUH. This cream has a content of 25% and that is high! Shea butter is great for dry and sensitive skin. Its soothing properties are great for the itchyness that comes with dry skin and its thick texture is so moisturising.

FACT the women of Burkina Faso apply the Shea nut butter straight from the nut before it gets further processed in the lab. Have you seen their skin? So silky smooth!

There you have it… my daily routine.

In my next post I will talk about the use of masks as a lovely weekly treatment and the importance of exfoliating both your skin on your face as well as on your lips.

I love asking others about their skincare routine simply because there are so many products on the market, you never know who is using what product and why.

It would be great to know if you use any of the above listed products or if you, after reading my post gave any of them a try. I just want to know what you think of them. 🙂

My Soraiya is currently asleep which is why I have been able to finally finish this post off


Yours always,
The Soul Tamer x