A guide to planning the best evening in, alone.

I don’t know about you but I for one enjoy my own company. Maybe more so now since being a mum and having absolutely no time to myself but I also know that even pre-mum life I enjoyed time alone and doing what extra thing I could do to make my alone time that more relaxing and chill.

So in this guide I am going to talk about the things you could do to have your very own relaxing evening in for you, just you… on your own, with no one… on your jack jones – you get my drift haha

1. An evening alone

In order to have one you need to be alone so if that means a couple hours alone then so be it because (in a cockney accent) darlin’ you deserve some alone time.

So if you are a mummy with young kids, leave them with their dad or drop them off at your mums or your closest friend or sister or well someone.

If you are not a mummy or daddy, then it is a little bit more simple just make sure you have no plans. get your chores/tasks out of the day and done or leave them to be completed later or the next day. If you have to re-schedule plans then do that, if you want to make up and excuse and cancel them too (because you know you want to haha) then you do that – basically whatever you need to be alone and free is key.

Without being alone, this just isn’t going to work.

2. A bubble or bath bomb bath

So get to your bath tub and get that water running.

Dragons Egg bath bomb by LUSH

Cost: £3.95

Dragons Egg – this bath bomb is infused with lemon oil, bergamot oil and absolute jasmine. The uplifting citrus scent is amazing with the jasmine is so soothing and adds to a great bath time experience

Bath bombs make your bath water really pretty, whether you break off a bit and drop under running water or dunk the whole bomb into your bath water, the water looks pretty and the water is left smelling amazing, mixed with great oils from the bomb.

Brightside bubble bar by LUSH

Cost: £5.95

Brightside – this bubble bar is my absolute favourite. The scent, by god is to die for. As I love me some fresh, citrus-y smells to envelope me amongst the bubbles, this bubble bar is made with Sicilian mandarin, bergamot and tangerine essential oils. The bath bubbles float amongst orange coloured water

Again the bars last a long time, simply break off and add under running water.

Luxury Bath Float by Sanctuary Spa

Cost: £9.00

At present I am using Sanctuary Spa’s Luxtury Bath Float. This is affordable so will not hurt your bank account and you can buy this from any Boots or shop that stocks pampering products.

3. Candles, Candles, Candles!

To really set the tone/mood of your beautiful evening in, candles are a must! COME ON!

The Dao candle by Rituals

Cost: £19.90

.All of their candles are divine. But this candle, the oils used to create its fresh smell is my fave! These candles I guess are a little on the pricey side but totally worth it.

Clean Cotton candle by Yankee Candles

Cost: Prices start from £8.99 to £23.99 depending the size of the candle.

Clean Cotton – is one of my absolute favourites! It has a subtle scent not to over powering and oh so fresh. Perfect if you are after an evening that does not include smells that are overpowering.

4. Bath Pillow by The Vintage Cosmetics Company

Cost: £6.99

I have only ever used this one bath pillow and it is versatile. You do have to inflate it but that is what I like about it because when I do not need to use it, it is deflated and packed away. When I do need to use it, I inflate it and stick it to the bath. .

The suction pads are really strong. They stick very well so there is no movment.

Once inflated the pillow is very cushion like and so comfortable. There have been many times I have been close to falling asleep – but I do not recommend this! So please avoid sleeping in the bath to avoid drowning.

5. A great playlist

Cost: Your Spotify subscription

To really keep the mood set and flowing, music is key. Relaxing, calming, peaceful instrumental type music is ideal. The type you would hear at a spa.

So I made a playlist on Spotify (see below) for you to also use. I love this playlist, every track has been perfectly selected by me so I know when I hear each of them, I do not want to skip it. I will happily hear them all and get lost as I relax in the bath. Heck you can listen to this whenever wherever if I am truly honest.

6. Be H2O ready

Cost: Nothing, Nada, Zilch.

As the title suggests, have a glass of cold water on the side ready to drink. The fumes from the bath can leave you feeling a little de-hydrated and thirsty so good to have this on hand to take sips so you do not feel to rush your ‘me time’ because you need to pop down to the kitchen for some water.

7. Sheet face masks

Sarah Chapman – Skinesis 3D moisture infusion masks

Cost: Pack of 4, £46.99

You do feel a difference when you out them on your face and when you take it off. The science behind the formula which contains complex of pentavitin, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and rosewater (see, science LOL) does leave skin feeling nourished, moisturised and hydrated is pretty cool. What is great is after removing the mask your face is not left drenched and you feel hydrated for longer.

Garnier moisture bomb, chamomile hydrating sheet mask

Cost: £2.99

As opposed tot he above, these masks retailing in for 1 sheet mask for £2.99 are a steal! They are great in their own right. Easy to use and apply not forgetting your skin is left feeling really nice after taking them off.

8. Foot mask socks

Superdrug’s foot nourishing sock pack – Marula oil

Cost: £1.99

This is affordable and by far one of the best foot mask socks I have used. Simple to use, simple to put on and take off and your feet are left feeling really nice.

Simple pop on some thick fluffy socks to lock in the moisture and then voila, soft, supple feet.

This has added vitamin e so will help your tough skin and the marula oil really does it best to keep the skin as hydrated as possible.

9. Chocolate

The Hotel Chocolat kind

You can have your chocolate in the bath, while having your face or foot mask on or after all of that. The choice is yours.

I have a serious sweet tooth so having it anytime works but chocolate tastes super nice when I am relaxed.

These are my absolute favourites:

As you can see I like my nutty chocolate haha so it may not be your cup of tea but if it is, I highly recommend you give this a try!

10. A feel good movie/box set

Some alone time, relaxed with a good show/film to watch is a great way to end your evening.
I recommend the following streaming services

  • Netflix – so many Netflix produced films and TV shows. Who doesn’t just want to ‘Netflix and chill’ ey?
  • Amazon Prime Video – again with a large catalogue of films and TV shows plus Amazon original shows to watch, cannot go wrong
  • Crunchyroll – this is for those of you who want access to anime, lots of anime, lots of good quality anime. Netflix and Amazon have a coupe of anime shows on there too.

and there you have it 🙂

We all deserve moments to relax. The above is my version or how I like to relax. If you have never or it has been a long time since you gave yourself some time then I suggest that you think about when you can because time alone to relax, and be at peace is good for the mind, body and soul.

Lots of love.
The Soul Tamer x