Why hi there and welcome to the deep dwellings within my soul.

An avid poetry writer and upcoming blogger (on Maternity Leave, can I add) who likes to put pen to paper and finger to keyboard to express sadness, happiness, anger, desire, my selfish wants, my many out bursts of anxiety and most importantly my ‘being a mummy’ journey.

The most important piece of information which you need to know is that I have been blessed by the grace of Allah SWT with a beautiful baby girl who goes by the name of Soraiya. Being a mummy isn’t the easiest job – hah let me tell ya but not gonna lie it is by far a job that I would not trade for anything in the world. My little girl is my smile and she has given me a purpose.

where did the soul tamer come from?
Well… it all started about 2 years ago when life was getting on top of me with lots happening and I was constantly look for ways to relax, calm and de-stress myself. I was trying to focus on me and my soul which is where poetry writing and blogging came from.

the boring stuff
I am married (been married 2 years Alhumdulilah),  28 years old, living in East London and I work in HR.

top 10 even more boring facts about me
1. I am hand cream obsessed. I have so many and yet there is always one I’m mad about
2. In my spare time you will see me catching up on watching anime and reading manga
3. My addiction: Chocolate. Need I say more?
4. Candles, candles, CANDLES… I love them. They go great with bubble baths which I also luuurvee.
5. Japanese culture is beautiful so one day Insh’Allah I really want to visit Japan.
6. I love to put on a face mask, play some spa music from my Spotify playlist and lie in bed. It feels amazing.
7. I’m the oldest of 5 siblings, me and my baby bro have an age gap of 16 years.
8. I’m 5ft  and my husband is 5ft 11 inches. When we walk together we do look rather silly if I must say.
9. I enjoy shopping… but not for me. For my daughter. Her closet is already full to the brim and I cannot help but keep buying things for her. Amazon Prime shopping is my biggest weakness.
10. I have a BCS Hons in International Relations and Sociology – I wanted to save the world and work for the UN but alas HR was my calling hehe

All my posts have a lot of thought that goes into them so I hope when you read them you not only enjoy them and find them helpful but also you can relate to them.

Look forward to getting to know all of you


Yours always,
The Soul Tamer x