Baby Poo – my journey so far

For me being a mum, I never realised that baby poo would make me so happy.

The colour, look and texture of baby poo is everything and I guess it is only until you make your own little human that you appreciate when your little human poos because their poo can tell you a lot about how your gorgeous, perfect little human is feeling.

I cannot stress just how happy I get when Soraiya poops. For us adults pooping is a big thing- for those of us who deny it, you are a liar. Soraiya’s baby poi since she was born has changed colour and texture.

When she was born her poo was this black sticky tar like texture. I remember I had no idea if I should change her nappy and when I did I realised it went up her back. My baby was moving around, fidgeting and it was only until I changed her nappy I realised, oh. – I remember I felt so bad. Oh gosh my first night in the hospital I just felt that already I was doing such a shitty job. And I remember my husband who decided to spend the night with us was completely useless. He slept in MY BED whilst I was awake. That is another story haha

Here is a lovely visual baby poo diagram for you to look at which really helped me.
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Being a first time mum and dealing with my baby’s poo first hand was totally new Here I was changing my daughter’s nappy and of course I found myself analysing her poo because well I wanted to know what was right.

Midwife and Health Visitor visits

These visits are crucial and I found them so helpful. I am that woman who always has a million questions – yes that annoying one haha. So whenever they came round I was always asking questions in particular about my baby’s poo. When Soraiya was around 5 weeks her poo changed to a mustard colour which the midwife said is normal and should be that colour. Following my own research I also read that it was normal too however it was within that same week that when her poo changed to this mustard colour that he poo had green tinges and then became green and boy oh boy I was like what the hell is this?

When I spoke with my midwife, she seemed alarmed a little and asked if I was making her formula correctly as I was combination feeding and I was but you know when someone says it and you start second guessing and doubting yourself. She also said that it could be trapped wind. I became paranoid and was vigilant with her formula making each time and every time she pooped was always looking at her poo in every detail.

It was until she didn’t poop one day that I was beside myself. The next morning when she did her poo, she did it with such discomfort it hurt me, I was in tears seeing how uncomfortable my baby was.

Trapped wind/colic

Soraiya when she was in her very newborn stage pre 4 months old had issues burping. It was a nightmare at times getting her to burp. I did some research- I swear sometimes that is all I would do, hop onto google and search stuff. as well as took her to the GP who confirmed that Soraiya was suffering from Colic. Now one thing I learnt is doctors say Colic but if your baby is not constantly crying then really it is a case of Trapped Wind.

Me and my husband decided to change her formula, as per GP’s suggestion we opted for the comfort which is designed to help feed babies with colic/trapped wind issues. This made her poo completely green so we then went for the normal variety.I also decided we feed her using anti-colic bottles also, these are great as they allow air to escape the bottle so baby is not swallowing air which causes excess wind to get trapped. 

Always check with your GP if ever unsure

When I explained to the GP about her poo colour she advised the colour was completely normal and that at Soraiya’s age it will vary from yellow to green. Now hearing this honestly really helped calm me down and made m wonder why the bleeding heck did my midwife react the way she did. I also spoke to the GP about Soraiya not having pooped for one day and the GP advised that as Soraiya was not constipated – because I thought that she was. and that baby’s from 6 weeks on can go up to 7 days without pooping and its completely normal. 

As new parents, worry is never far so if ever in doubt book an appointment with your GP. I have been to the GP so many times already, even rang up NHS 111 and went down to our nearest A&E.

About that baby poo life though

Even now, with Soraiya being 5 months I am always analysing her poo. At present she is suffering from some diarrhea because she is teething – my poor  little baby. Alhumdulilah my baby is pooping well but as always as her mummy when she poops I feel a sense of relief because I know she feels great when she poops – I mean as an adult after I poop I feel amazing. As she gets bigger and especially once I start weaning her, her poo will change and that is okay, she is growing up and her body is developing and learning to do pretty cool things.
The key is to be aware, to ask questions, to understand and to take it easy.

As Soraiya is getting bigger and as she is drinking more, when she does poop they can be BIG and messy ones. Yes, I have gotten dirty in the process. Yes, Soraiya has been covered up her back in her own poop. May Allah SWT continue to watch over my Soraiya, keep her healthy and happy, always. Ameen.

Your baby poo stories…

As a fellow mummy and parent I would love to know about your baby poo journey as well as any funny and interesting things you have experienced.

Pooping and Burping my baby makes me super happy and I know I am not alone hehe


Yours Always,
The Soul Tamer x