My top 10 L’Occitane en Provence products

For those of you who follow m on my Instagram will have seen my highlights where I talk about a couple of products which are from L’Occitane. Not to mention I use a L’Occitane product as part of my daily routine.

It’s pretty clear that I love their products as well I speak so highly of them.

And yes the rumours are true, once upon a time I did work for the brand during my university days which was what 7 years ago. The brand has some products which when I was working for them I was like what? and really?! but honestly, 7 years on they have products which even after trying others I find myself going back to them and using them because they are good.

The below products are subject to availability in your country. What I have listed below are all available in the UK and can be found at

10. Lavender Perfumed Sachet

Price: £9.00

This is the traditional way of keeping your drawers and wardrobes smelling lovely.

Pros: It is a handy little size, perfect to slip in to your drawer or hang in your wardrobe. The lavender scent is not to over powering and also has great elements in keeping those moths away from your clothes.

Cons: the scent is not long lasting so if the scent disappears, there is no way of re-filling so you have to buy again. The price for what it is, is not worth it.

9. The Relaxing Pillow Mist

Price: £19.50, 100 ml

This is simply from what I have read a ‘re-branded’ version of the original Armacologie relaxing pillow mist.

This pillow mist has a great blend of key essential oils which has relaxing properties. These are lavender, bergamot, mandarin, sweet orange and geranium. Simply spritz on your pillow before bed or around your room to help create a calming and ambient experience to soothe you as well as help put you to sleep.

Pros: A nice bottle, great to store away. Do not need to use up the bottle. Usng essentials oils means the scent from anything last longer and you not need much so a couple of spritz does the trick

Cons: Once the bottle comes to an end, there is no option of buying refills, so you will need to buy again. Forking out £19.50 for a pillow mist is pricey

8. Shea Butter, Ultra Rich Body Scrubs

Price: £28.000, 200 ml

I loooveee body scrubs. At the moment I am obsessed with using them and buying them. Why I find scrubs appealing is I like idea of scrubbing away dead skin that is on my skin. As someone who suffers from very dry and sensitive skin I have to be careful with the types of scrubs that I use.

Did I ever tell you just how much I also loooveee shea butter?! This is here is any person’s (with dry and sensitive skin) dream so to find a body scrub that has 10% shea butter can only mean that this scrub will exfoliate but also at the same time moisturise. This is very important so for any one who has dry and sensitive skin ans is look for a body scrub, purchase one that moisturises while exfoliation.

Pros: The scrub comes in a large size so it does last you quite some time as you do not need to use to much each time. The formula is creamy, exoliates the skin leaving it smooth but also stops the skin from hydrating. It is perfect.

Cons: The price really does not help otherwise I would practically use this scrub all the time but I really cannot be spending £28 on something for exfoliation purposes you know.

7. Shea Butter, Comforting face oil

Price: £32.00, 30 ml.

For people with oily or combination skin, the idea of using a face oil I can understand is disgusting. But for those of us with very dry and sensitive skin, face oils are divine. The skin soaks up the oil just before apply your face cream and so leaves our skin feeling soft, supple and smooth.

This face oil has that extra added comfort factor especially if your skin is super sensitive to everything with is 5% Shea and Marula oils that have antioxidant properties. This oil can be used in conjunction with a face cream or own its own.

Pros: Non fragranced and a natural formula that is perfect for anyone with very sensitive skin. Do not need to use a lot which mean it is long lasting.

Cons: I shall say it again, the price. Spending £32 for a new face oil may not be something many can afford.

6. Eau des Baux, Eau de Toilette

Price: £42.00, 100 ml.

Many do not know that L’Occitane has a mens range. Even when I worked for the brand many moons ago, the customers were more women but there were men that popped in who had their regular skincare/bodycare products.

As I said I have worked for the brand a long time ago and alot of products that I sold are no longer available which means they have been discontinued.

This fragrance however for men was one that a) I sold all the time b) I bought for my dad and husband (then boyfriend at the time)

Top notes: Pink pepper, Cardamom Middle notes: Cypress, Incense Base notes: Vanilla, Tonka bean

Pros: the range has other products to use which is nice. It has been around for years so and not been discontinued which means that it is popular.

Cons: Aside from the price (which seems to be a recurring theme here haha) nothing bad.

5. 100% Pure Shea Butter, Organic certified

Price: £30.00, 150 ml.

I think you can see a trend here haha. I just love shea butter. So if you are looking for the 100% pure kind, L’Occitane sell this.

Pure shea butter can be used in so many ways and if you have really senstive skin, it makes sense to to opt for more organic and pure products for your skin.

L’Occitane’s shea butter comes from Burkina Faso. Since 1980, L’Occitane have worked closely with women shea butter producers. Since then have cemented this working relationship into a working partnership. Growing from working with merely a dozen Burkinabe women to 10,000, their shea butter from 2009 has been 100% fair trade. Read more here

Pros: Ethical product purchasing is important which is why learning about the hard work that goes into its creation is key. This product is universal you can use it on anywhere from your lips, to your skin, to your hair.

Cons: It is pricey but again this product is 100% fair trade as with L’Occitane’s Shea butter production.

4. Verbena Shower Gel

Price: £16.50, 250 ml.

I love citrus scents. I do not get headaches, I do not feel queezy and just makes me fee refreshed and good when I smell anything citrus based.

Which is why L’Occitane’s Verbena range is one of it’s best selling ranges.

The shower gel is formulated with not just verbena extract but also essential oils of orange, geranium and lemon tree so you can just imagine its fresh, invigorating scent.

Pros: The smell. OMG! Need I say more but also the range is pretty extensive so if you want other products that smell just like this the choice is there.

Cons: Price. Simple.

3. Almond Shower oils

Price: £19.50, 250 ml.

Shower oils can be hit or miss. Some oils are useless and some like this shower oil is far from it.

This product was the first type of shower based oil I had ever come across so I was blown away at the idea of using an oil, in the shower, to clean with.

Again this goes back to you if you suffer from dry and dehydrated skin. For me the idea of using an oil based anything is lush and so using in the shower you can imagine how smooth your skin would feel afterwards. This product is enriched with almond oil which we all know has amazing hydrating properties for your skin.

This product has won awards for L’Occitane and I can totally see why. Back when I was working for the company (which just need to state, many years ago), this is when this product first came out and it was super popular then so again time shows you the true value of something.

Pros: It smells divine. When finished you can purchase refills and the Almond range is extensive with a lot more products to buy.

Cons: Aside from the price, nothing. This product is perfect!

2. The Shea Butter hand cream

Price: £21.50, 150 ml.

I have tried many hand cream and always always always go back to this. So with that realisation I know that this is the hand cream for me and personally I cannot use anything else.

Hands are always in use, perhaps the driest parts of our body so makes sense using something a product that is enriched with Shea butter right?! Yes my thoughts exactly.

For me, dry hands have always been an issue and by when I became a mum my dry hands were just dry all the time no other cream helped soothe and keep them moisturised like this hand cream.

The cream is enriched with 20% Shea Butter, as well as a blend of almond, honey, and coconut oil for added nourishment. Also with added Jasmine and ylang-ylang helps the cream smelling nice which is not overpowering.

Pros: Everything. It honestly lasts a long time so your money goes a long way. There is also a travel size version so you can keep in your bag and also an even richer version which has 25% enriched shea batter so a more richer, balm like texture.

Cons: None. It is a ridiculous price I know but I cannot live without it so I buy with no complaints.

1. The Shea Ultra Rich Comforting face cream

Price: £32.00, 50 ml.

One thing I will admit is until I started working at L’Occitane (many years ago) I had no idea that a cream designed for your face should be used on your face, then the importance of a routine and using accompaning products such as cleanser and toner followed. For that knowledge I am truly thankful.

This cream has been around for years and since over the years changed its formula slightly and packaging. This product is very important in L’Occitane’s shea butter range that they would never ever discontinue it. This was the first ever face cream I used on my skin not because my mum told me to but because I understood it to be good for my skin. I had after that tried others but still always came back to this cream and will stick to it until the day I die.

For more information on my daily skin care routine click here. this is in need of updating as I have changed up my routine so will update soon 🙂

This product is enriched with 25% Shea butter so it is perfect those of us who have dry, dehydrated and very sensitive skin. This face cream leave my skin feeling so smooth when I put on in the morning and before bed.

Pros: Everything. The cream is sold in a light version (which is slightly cheaper) and also in an SPF version also.

Cons: None. I buy this and pay it at full price. But on a separate note L’Occitane seems to have discontinued its Shea butter milk cleanser and toner which were really good.

And there you have it. My top 10 L’Occitane products explained hehe.

L’Occitane products are animal cruelty free – which is extremely important for me and their ingredients are sourced locally by people who help plant, grown and cultivate them.

I would love to hear from you if you use any of the above listed products or if you have another L’Occitane product which you just love that is not listed on there. 

Do also let me know if after reading the above you decide to give some of the products a try… I want to know how you got on!


Yours Always,
The Soul Tamer x