My top 10 L’Occitane en Provence products

For those of you who follow m on my Instagram will have seen my highlights where I talk about a couple of products which are from L’Occitane. Not to mention I use a L’Occitane product as part of my daily routine.

It’s pretty clear that I love their products as well I speak so highly of them.

And yes the rumours are true, once upon a time I did work for the brand during my university days which was what 7 years ago. The brand has some products which when I was working for them I was like what? and really?! but honestly, 7 years on they have products which even after trying others I find myself going back to them and using them because they are good.

1o. Lavender perfumed sachet

Now I am not a Lavender fan however I like to keep my clothes in my drawers smelling nice and not all stuffy – which can happen might I add when no air enters and your clothes are left smelling funky
With this sachet, simply pop into your drawers amoungst your clothes are you clothes are left smelling fresh with lavender, I have also hung this in my wardrobe to. Lavender is a great way to keep moths away from your clothes also.

Price: £8.00 35 g Downside: Once the scent wears off, you do need to buy another.

9. Armacologie Relaxing Pillow mist

This isn’t your typical pillow mist… for me it’s the blend of essential oils: Lavender, Bergamont, Geranium, Mandarin and Sweet Orange that just not only smells nice but really is calming. Just what you want your pillow to smell like as your about to KO. A couple of spritz just before bed time does the trick.

Price: £18.00 100 ml Downside: The price. It is pretty expensive and a couple of spritz is enough but I used to like to spray this around my room to so you can imagine it would run out quite quickly.

8. Shea Butter Ultra Rich body scrub

I think we all know just how much I love Shea Butter. This was product was the first ever body scrub I used and I used simply because I wanted to exfoliate and not irritate my skin. When I was younger my skin was a lot more irritable and sensitive… why? I could not tell you. I think it is because I simply did not know how to look after my skin properly. 
With 10% shea butter, apricot oil and ground nut shells, this product is so gentle on your dry skin. No redness, instead skin is left feeling dead skin-less and smooth.

Price: £24 200 mlDownside: I would have loved it if it was in a tube so its easy to squeeze out especially when you are in a rush.

7. Shea Face Comforting oil

This was the first face oil I ever tried on my skin and I think I have bought this about 5x in my life. At one point I convinced myself that there were no other face oils out there in the world.

With 5 % shea oil and marula oils this face oil is not only nourishing but also has antioxidant properties. I love face oils as you know as I have one as part of my daily skin care routine. Face oils help re-generate your skin especially where it is dry and dehydrated. This face oil leaves your skin feeling protected, soft an supple.

Price: £31 30 mlDownside: I have to be honest it is the price but you do get what you pay for and that is a gorgeous face oil which leaves your skin feeling the BOMB!

6. Eau des Baux Eau De Toilette 

This fragrance for men is what I would always buy my dad and he loved it. L’Occitane has a nice men’s range but what stands out are their mens fragrances. 

This fragrance is warm, woody and not to harsh on the nose. The notes are a blend of red peppercorn, cardamom essential oil, cypress and incense. I find with incense in perfumes they are super strong and give me a headache.

Price: £46 75ml Downside: The matching shower gel of this has now been discontinued which is a shame.

5. Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette

When you think of cherry blossoms what do you think of? I think of clear blue skies, primary school, delicate pink flowers and Japan.
For me, this fragrance embodies all of the above instead of being transported to Japan I am taken to the South of France, Provence to be exact hahaha. It is a personal scent which I love and what I love the most is the after scent it leaves behind on my clothes and skin.

It is a soft and fresh scent. It has top notes of cherry, frescia and blackcurrant – you can smell the blackcurrant. With middle notes of lily of the valley and cherry blossom and to bring it together base notes of musk and amber.

Price: £46 75ml Downside: They have discontinued a smaller 50ml it seems which I used to find so handy to keep in my bag

4. Verbena shower gel

I think L’Occitane is really known for its verbena. From my knowledge it was L’Occitane who cultivated the verbena leaf and used its essential oil in their products. The fresh, citrus scent is divine so it is no surprise why L’Occitane’s verbena range is the talk of the town. The verbena used is organically grown in the south of France.

I like my shower gels to also be fresh and this shower is just that. With verbena, geranium, orange and lemon tree essentials his shower gel is the embodiment of crisp, citrusy gorgeousness.

Price: £16 250ml.  Downside: I cannot find one. Honestly. Hehe

3. Almond shower oil

Ahh my love for oil continues. This shower oil is no ordinary shower oil let me tell you. One use of this in your morning shower routine, leaves your body so smooth, hydrated and nourished for the whole day.

The main component is the almond oil in this product. It is designed that as soon as the oil comes into contact with water, the oil transforms into this silky, milk like texture which feels divine on your skin. If that does not bring you to your knees then the alluring scent will definitely have an effect on you.

Price: £19 250ml Downside: again.. cannot think of any.

2. Shea Butter hand cream

I cannot live without this hand cream. Honestly and come one if you use this hand cream you know why. For those of us with hands that are in constant use through out the day whether you are a gardener, a cook, a clean freak or well a mum (ahem me) the high 25% Shea butter content helps nourish your dry hands.

But this hand cream is not just made up of Shea butter… no no no! The cream has added, honey, almond and coconut oil to really hydrate your skin but not only that the jasmine and ylang-ylang helps the cream smell super nice.

If it helps this hand cream has won many wards! head over to to find out more

Price: £21 150 ml, £8 30 ml Downside: You cannot buy the in between size in store all the time in fact hardy ever. You can by the 75 ml online which is being sold for £16

1. Shea Ultra Rich Comforting face cream

It is as the name of this face cream says… Ultra Rich Comforting can someone gimmie a high 5 pur-leez!
I go on about it all the time –  I know but my skin is very dry and trust me when I say I have tried many face creams designed for dry skin that is rich and comforting BUT I always find myself going back to this face cream.

As per my Daily Routine post, this cream is thick so a small amount is needed to apply onto your face hence why this pot can last you a good amount of time.

With 25% Shea butter (the same amount as the hand cream) you can imagine how rich this cream is. Shea butter is amazing hydrating qualities such as naturally containing omega 6 and keratin.

FACT: L’Occitane works with women in Burkina Faso who have more years grow the Shea nut on trees and using their traditional methods create the butter which is used in L’Occitane’s Shea butter range.

Price: £31 50ml Downside: None. Nada. Zilch.

And there you have it. My top 10 L’Occitane products explained hehe.
Head on over to and check out their other ranges that they have and read up more on the brand and their products.

L’Occitane products are animal cruelty free – which is extremely important for me and their ingredients are sourced locally by people who help plant, grown and cultivate them.

I would love to hear from you if you use any of the above listed products or if you have another L’Occitane product which you just love that is not listed on there. 

Do also let me know if after reading the above you decide to give some of the products a try… I want to know how you got on!


Yours Always,
The Soul Tamer x

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