Spinach and tomato scrambled egg

This was the first scrambled egg recipe I made for Soraiya where I added in extra ingredients to give it extra colour and flavour as prior to this the scrambled egg I would make was just the egg on its own.. scrambled.

This is still my go to recipe when I want to make soraiya a yummy, colourful scrambled egg. It is packed with great nutrients, good fats, good carbs so ideal for the kick start of energy your little one needs. Not forgetting how easy it is to make!

Suitable from 6 months onwards
Portion: 1Prep time: 5 minCooking time: 8 – 10 min


knob of butter (unsalted for under 1 years old)
a handful of washed baby spinach
3 cherry tomatoes, cut and quatered
1 tbsp full fat milk or a dairy alternative
1 egg (British Lion certified)
1 tbsp of cheese either cheddar or mozzarella


  1. Cut up spinach so that the leaves are not to large (Spinach wilts in heat and water anyway so will reduce in size)
  2. Cut the tomatoes and put to one side
  3. In a pan add in half of the butter for 2 minutes, then add in the spinach and tomato. Let them fry for 3 minutes or until the spinach and tomato look wilted and done
  4. Put aside the cooked spinach and tomato, then on the same pan add in the remaining butter
  5. Then add in your cracked egg along with your milk, until lightly scrambled
  6. Follow this on with adding in the spinach and tomato.
  7. Finally end off with adding in the cheese, let it scramble some more – be sure to not let it burn or get over scrambled
  8. Once ready, turn off heat and serve

A really easy and quick breakfast to make

If your morning are busy and you are in need of making some quick and easy then this is super easy. It is so tasty you may even want to make this for yourself to have.

You can remix this recipe. SO you may decide you might not want to use tomato’s and replace it with potato or another ingredient you can. It is what your baby likes.

Happy cooking

Yours Always,
The Soul Tamer x