Tuna, Potato and Spinach Mash

Mash, Mash Mash… who doesn’t love a good mash. Babies are no different.

Potato’s are so versatile and with mash the versatility has no limits which is why when I added tuna and spinach to it it came out really good.

Trying to introduce fish into Soraiya’s diet was something I did find difficult but I knew before I introduced poultry and meat I wanted her to taste fish so tuna came to mind.

I personally love tuna so a lot of the food I have got Soraiya to try is food that I myself also enjoy and with tuna there is no extra preparing. It is literally opening the can, putting into the pot/pan and voila.

Benefits of fish

The benefits of feeding fish to your baby early on (from 6 months) is really good. Fish is a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals. The omega-3 fatty acids in oily fish such as salmon and mackerel is good for your baby’s heart health and also helps support brain development.

Mercury levels in fish

One thing that most parents are weary of because it is something doctor/ nutritionists and and every talks about which is the mercury levels in fish so it is best to limit fish servings to your baby. The standard advised is 1 to 2 servings each week.

Suitable from 6 months onwards
Portion: 4Prep time: 8 minCooking time: 16 min


1 leek, sliced finely
300 grams white potatoes or 2 medium sized white potatoes, peeled and cubed
a knob of butter or 1 1/2 teaspoon of butter
1 tinned tuna in oil, drained
a handful of baby spinach, chopped
a handful of cheddar cheese


  1. Add in half the butter and then add in the leek and saute for 3 minutes
  2. Add in the potato, fry for 2 minutes then add in water. Make sure the saucepan is covered.
  3. Bring to boil and simmer for 15 minutes until tender. Drain and mash.
  4. Add in the remaining butter in same saucepan. Add in the spinach and stir until wilted.
  5. Add in the drained tuna tot he wilted spinach and then follow on to add in the mashed potato and leek.
  6. Add in the cheese and stir some more until melted.

When cooking fish, remember…

… to cook the fish through. Tuna is pretty simple and cooks so quickly and easily which is why I chose to give Soraiya tuna first. This recipe is a very quick recipe to make which means that the tuna cooks through quickly.

Please note: always be with your baby when you feed them food, this is the case pasta to ensure that baby is safe to avoid any choking.

Can be frozen

What is great about this is you can batch cook a large amount and freeze for future use. Simply take out to defrost at room temperature 3 hours before meal time. Microwave and mix in with cooled, boiled pasta and voila. Lunch/dinner is served

Happy cooking

Yours Always,
The Soul Tamer x